Museum 32

All these products and more can be purchased at our Museum Shop.

Books to Purchase




Ten O’clock Scholars

Wartime Reminiscences and Record of Pupils and Staff of Hedon School


Margaret & Bob Cochrance


Murder by the Sea

A Tale of murder, Intrigue, Love and Justice in the Reign of Good Queen Anne


Martin Craven


A Very Troublesome Women

The case of Agnes Sharp of Hedon



Martin Craven


Hedon, Godfrey Parks

Talk from the 1880s


Hedon Museum Society


An A to Z of Hedon History


Margaret & Bob Cochrance



Death comes to Hedon

The Cholera Epidemic of 1849


Margaret & Bob Cochrance


The Spurn Gravel Trade



Phil Mathison

Time on My Hands

CD   Talks By

Gladis Beadle

Muriel Berlins

Alan Bray


Hedon in the 1960’s

Hedon Haven

North Holderness Villages

Entertainment in Withernsea 1960’s

3 Compilation Films Capturing Memories of Residents from Holderness, Hornsea and Withernsea


The Time on My Hands project has recorded over 100 hours of oral history interviews, which do provide an insight into the memories and stories of Holderness residents

At the Hedon Museum, we hold an archive of those interviews relevant to Hedon and its surrounding areas. If you would like to view any of the interviews, please ask at reception.

Individual CDs



£4.00 each

Complete Box Set of DVDs



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