Historical Dates for Hedon

Some Notable dates


Display of ancient fines from around Hedon

Display of ancient fines from around Hedon

1158 First proven Charter granted by Henry II.
c1162 Charter of Henry II establishing Magdalen Fair in Hedon.
c.1190 Building of St. Augustine’s Church commenced.
1200 Confirming Charter granted by King John
1248 Charter granted by Henry III.
1272 Henry III granted a Charter giving Hedon the right to hold a fair for eight days on the feast of St. Augustine.
1295 Hedon first sent two Members to Parliament, then ceased until 1547.
1348 Charter of Incorporation granted by Edward III, ’Magna Charta Libertatis villae’, giving Hedon the right to annually elect a Mayor, Bailiffs and other ministers.
1377 Charter of confirmation by Richard II.
1413 Charter making greater concessions and greater privileges to the Burgesses of Hedon granted by Henry V.
c1415 Civic Mace acquired, now the oldest Civic Mace in the country.
1423 Charter granted by Henry VI.
1464 Charter granted by Edward IV
1517 Charter granted by Henry VIII.
1547 Hedon resumed sending two Members to Parliament.
1551 Charter granted by Edward VI
1556 Charter granted by Mary I.
1565 Elizabeth I confirmed the above five Charters. Sheriff’s mace acquired.
1657 A great fire destroyed much property in Hedon.
1669 The Great Mace presented to Hedon by Henry Guy MP to celebrate his election.
1675 Letters Patent confirmed by Charles II
1692 The Town Hall was built by Henry Guy MP
1774 Act of Parliament obtained to restore the Hedon Haven and thus forming the Haven Commissioners as a governing body.
1823 The Kilnsea Cross moved from Burton Constable and erected in Hedon.
1831 Last Parliamentary election held at Hedon returning two Members to represent the borough.
1854  The Great Mace presented to Hedon by Henry Guy MP to Letters Patent confirmed by Railway transport comes to Hedon with the opening of the Hull to Withernsea line.
1866 A Cattle Plague in the East Riding closed the fortnightly Cattle Markets permanently.
1887  Mayor’s chain and badge of office presented by Alderman G. R. Park to commemorate the Golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. Now worn by the Deputy Mayor.
1888 Hedon Racecourse opened.
1897 Present clock with four faces put in the Church Tower to commemorate the Diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.
1929 Hedon Aerodrome opened and was in use until the Second World War.
1958 A new Mayor’s chain and badge of office acquired by public subscription organised by Alderman A. E. Draper.
1964 Closure of the Hull to Withernsea railway line.
1970 Hedon Haven closed. The Haven Commissioners became a charitable Trust.
1974 Hedon ceased to be a borough.
1986 The Alexandra Hall, a Community Centre, built by the people of Hedon, was officially opened by HRH Princess Alexandra.
1996 Hedon Museum opened to the public.

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