Exhibitions in the upstairs hall

Hedon Regalia

Hedon Regalia


Come and visit our splendid upstairs exhibition hall; where we display over the season,  numerous exhibitions of local history, pictures, art, artefacts etc. They are well worth the visit.

Exhibitions 2014

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Due to demand the exhibition has been extended


Saturday April 5th.



A Peep in the Pram!’


A display of prams & doll’s prams from 1870.

Hedon Museum is extending the showing of ‘A Peep in the Pram’ to Saturday, March 22nd. The prams have proved very popular with both adult and younger visitors, especially as it is possible to push them round!

Sat 19 April –

Sat 17 May

‘Fantasia’ miniatures’

4 weeks

Wed 21 May –

Wed 18 June


4 weeks

Sat 21 June –

Sat 19 July

Welwick ‘HomeWorx’

 Art Group

4 weeks


Wed 26 July —

Wed 3 September


‘Home and Away’, Holderness in the Great War.

6 weeks

Sat 6 September –

Sat 11October

The Hull to Withernsea Railway

5 weeks


Wed15th October  –

Wed 5th November

Janet Thackray

Painting Group

3 Weeks.


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